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Ancient Minerals Testimonials and Reviews

Magnesium Oil for Sports Medicine

After twice a day of training I have a fast recovery, I have improved my health condition and I have a good stamina. It also strengthens my muscle, and also improved my quality of sleep.

All of this because of MAGNESIUM OIL.Thanks for having it here in our country."

— Norman Pascual, Mandaluyong (Coach TRIATHLON SPORTS)

Magnesium Oil and Post MI Recovery

He has been a healthy person & does multi task job. A minister of the gospel since 1984 was active in film showing ministry, crusades, and teaching to people.

But everything changed when he had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital and was brought immediately to the I.C.U last July 2010.

He survived the heart attack & was amazingly healed but he usually complains of chest & back pains that runs through his eyes.

Until somebody introduced him the magnesium oil which he applied to his body every time that the pain occurs. He noticed that it has an immediate effect on his body, the pain was gone, and he can testify that magnesium oil is surely a help to relieved, body pains, muscle pains, and it can even help to evade heart attack.

Now he’s active in the ministry, travelling a lot with the help of God and the healing effects of the magnesium oil."

— Pastor Pat Aguilar

Magnesium Oil for Holistic Pain Management

The presence of Magnesium in the market has been brought to my attention by my niece a Registered Nurse who happened to be employed in a marketing firm dealing with natural medicines.

With a bit of hesitancy I tried to use the magnesium oil before I went to bed. For a week the use of magnesium oil became part and parcel of my ritual before bed time.

One early in the morning I wokeup with a severe pain on my left outer portion of my legs. The pain was so severe that prompted me to wake my niece. Instantly she applied the magnesium oil on the muscle of my leg and rub it on an upward stroke. Two to three minutes later the pain lessened and the cramps in my muscle leg loosened up that paved the way to a back to normal feeling. Thanks to the help of the magnesium oil my perennial problem of leg cramps disappeared."

— Nelly P. Orpiada, 65, Makati City

When my friend introduced me to this Magnesium Oil I felt many changes in my body. I was using the product one week ago and my muscle pains has been relieved. I do take an oral supplement of magnesium but the transdermal or topical application of magnesium oil is better, I decided not to take my oral magnesium anymore. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this product."

— Larry Javier, 78, Makati City

At my age I encounter a lot of pain due to arthritis, I also have difficulty walking around our place. When I tried magnesium oil, the pain simply decreases and now I can walk around in our garden."

— Dely Pelayo, 78, Candaba Pampanga (former public servant)

Magnesuim oil is a superb oil... Helps a lot in my daily activity. It helps calms my muscles after attending to all my patients in the hospital."

— Shasha Magnaye MD, 30, Manila

89 years old from Catagbacan, Goa Camarines Sur. He is a Philippine World War II veteran and served as Barangay Captain in their town for several years. He has been so active and energetic even in his old age, but 3 years ago he (always) suffered from excruciating pain in his knees, legs, and feet, he can’t even bend his knees so he end up using wheelchair.

At first it seems to be rheumatism so he tried to drink strong pain killers until his doctor advised him to stop drinking the said pain killers due to its strong side effects to his body. He drank lower dosages but it has no effect in his swollen feet and aching feet.

One day a friend gave him magnesium oil, so he applied it on his feet. The reaction of it was so good; he even noticed that water that seems to be perspiration came out from his feet. He continued using magnesium oil and in 3 months time he was able to walk again. Now the pain on his legs was gone and he is not anymore using his wheelchair."

— Perpetuo Depositario, 89, Goa, Camarines Sur

Magnesium Oil and Psoriasis

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis, I suffered from it for almost a year thanks to my niece who happened to introduce me to this amazing product which they called Magnesium Gel. Two months ago after using this product, applying it on my back, abdomen and knees which have redness and scaling I had felt something different and give me hope for this illness I have. My wife and I applied the magnesium gel every morning and after 30 minutes to one hour I just took a bath to rinse it. I am continuously using this product and I am so thankful that this product helps me. Thank you!"

— Manuel Viardo, 74, Novaliches

Magnesium Oil and Menstration

Every time I had my menstruation period I am always having discomfort because of my dysmenorrhea. One day my mom bought this magnesium oil in our home, on that day I had discomfort she told me to put it on my lower abdomen and rub it, after a few minutes the pain was relived and I had a comfortable sleep. Thanks to this product."

— Che-che Orlin, 17, Quezon City (Student)

Magnesium Oil and Other Conditions

I feel depressed sometimes when i think of the medical device inside my body, but when someone introduced to me the magnesium oil it helped lessen my depression and helped me to actively do some activities."

— Paolo de Vera RN, 30, Naga City (with implanted device)
Warning Signs of Deficiency

Symptoms of an existing Magnesium deficit may include:

  • Muscle Cramps and Chronic Pain
  • Facial Tics or Muscle Spasms
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety or Hyperacidity
  • Sleep Problem
  • Weakness
  • Calcium Deficiency

Beat LOW Magnesium! Understand the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency.

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